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Hello everyone,

I just watched Lauren's last dread video, and it really got me wondering whether or not i should start my dreads over too. I've been thinking about it for a couple of weeks now or more and the idea is really starting to grow on me. It irks me to think that mine arent completely "natural" even though I didn't use products or tools. I don't know, I love my dreads, but I'm so curious what they would have looked like naturally. The sad thing is that they've recently started shrinking a lot and progressing very quickly so it would suck to get rid of all of that. Does anyone have any advice? Should I just keep on going with this set or start all over naturally?

Also, my sister told me today that she had a dream that I had normal hair again. Coincidence or a sign in the right direction?

Maybe I'll end up having this set for a couple of years and then I'll start over later on down the road.

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dreads starting to congo = me sad

By Aika, 2011-11-27

I've done a pretty good job at separating my dreads, but three on the side of my head are extremely knotted together. the one in the middle of the three used to be two, but those two congoed which was fine because they were pretty thin, but now they are dragging in their neighbors! I've been trying to separate them for a while, but nothing works. They all have a bead around them but that doesn't help at all. I don't want to cut my hair so I'm tempted to just let them congo...I would like some opinions on this from people who have had 3-4 dreads combine. Is it bothersome to have a dread that big? If I leave it alone will they eventually stop knotting together? Right now the knotting is only at the roots and the rest of the length of the dreads are pretty knotted up so I don't think they would join easily. I mean, it's only about 2-3 centimeters joined together, but there is no chance of pulling them apart at all. So what do you think I should do? Cutting it seems so awful...Help!

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To anyone thinking about getting something from HippyFish/Earthiest, DO IT. These are really quality products that I'm sure will last a very long time, and the price is completely reasonable. Her tams are made from 100% virgin wool and the one I purchased is a perfect size for younger dreadies like mine that still have growing to do. All of my dreads fit inside the tam with some room to spare (my hair is passed my shoulder). And the peyote sleeves feel very tight and secure. Overall both products are very well-finished and I would definitely get more in the future.

Here are some pictures:

Look at the color on that one! ^^^

Happy journeys :)

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Overwhelmed with love

By Aika, 2011-11-15

Hello everyone,

This blog post is basically to say how much I love all of you. Never in my life would I have thought that I could feel so connected and at home with people I have never met before. Sure, I only know everyone here by their online profile and the things they say or pictures they show, but tonight it hit me how much joy this community brings me. The love, support, guidance, and fellowship that this website promotes and hosts is unbelievable. I'm not a big fan for online social networks and things like facebook, but this is completely different. For example, I had to deactivate my facebook account because it was making me so depressed whenever I would surf through people's profiles and pictures and read my newsfeed. The whole atmosphere of facebook is like a huge popularity contest to showcase who has the most exciting life or best pictures, etc. and it puts me under pressure to try to stand out and be noticed and gain comments. I would waste hours just looking at other people's "lives" and feeling shitty about my own. But on's the complete opposite. I come on here and I love to see everyone's journeys and all of the interesting discussions and blogs people share so freely and honestly. Just tonight I went on facebook after reactivating it last night, and I already started feeling anxious and insecure about myself. Then I came on dreadlockssite and was reminded of my individuality and how happy and lucky I am to be free to be my own person....not caring about what I don't have or what I'm not doing, etc.

Anyway, I really felt compelled to share with everyone how much I value all of your beauty, honesty, and companionship in my life. This is more than an online social network or forum...I'm not sure what to call it, but it's refreshing and inspiring. So thank you everyone for always sharing and supporting each other to make this a community of peace an love. And most of all, thank you Soaring Eagle for making it all happen. I hope you know how much you're appreciated and loved.

Your sister,


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my dreads are knotting up so quickly that i can hardly keep up with them! i have to separate them almost everyday because they seem to be magnetically attracted to each other. so does anyone have any advice about how to keep the new dreads separated? i rip them apart but it just causes a lot of pain and not much separation. i use beads and wraps but the back of my head is starting to get crowded with all of them and its not very comfortable to lie down on. thank you in advance for any help/tips!

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