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Contemplating starting over. What to do!!

user image 2012-01-03
By: Aika
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Hello everyone,

I just watched Lauren's last dread video, and it really got me wondering whether or not i should start my dreads over too. I've been thinking about it for a couple of weeks now or more and the idea is really starting to grow on me. It irks me to think that mine arent completely "natural" even though I didn't use products or tools. I don't know, I love my dreads, but I'm so curious what they would have looked like naturally. The sad thing is that they've recently started shrinking a lot and progressing very quickly so it would suck to get rid of all of that. Does anyone have any advice? Should I just keep on going with this set or start all over naturally?

Also, my sister told me today that she had a dream that I had normal hair again. Coincidence or a sign in the right direction?

Maybe I'll end up having this set for a couple of years and then I'll start over later on down the road.

Castaway J
11/03/12 04:39:06AM @castaway-j:

sooo glad you still gotchur bebies!

Kelsey Joy
01/12/12 02:14:00PM @kelsey-joy:

whatttttt, your dreads are soooooo beautiful!!!!!!!! keep them innn

Lucas Tucas
01/04/12 06:28:21PM @lucas-tucas:

I had crochet "dreads" i let them grow like 6 months without maintenance, and i just cut them to let them grow naturally.

Is the best thing i do, first i miss them a lot but now im very happy for the decision i made.

Do what you want and feel to do, but you have to know that is hair and the time is only time depends of you to pass quickley or slowly.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/04/12 06:03:38PM @soaring-eagle:

follow youir heart if you choose to start over start over if not then surrender to tyhe naturalness

we have a new term natural surender dreads dreads started by tnr or bc that then you surrender to the natural process and let them naturalize from there

perhaps thats the path for you

01/04/12 04:06:22AM @aika:

:) im feeling better already

01/04/12 03:57:11AM @hippiegal:

Self-acceptance is a hard one for me too. :) I think if you check out some profile pages, a lot of people on this site started with TnR. I tried it but my hair wouldn't hold,

01/04/12 03:43:27AM @aika:

thank you very much for your advice hippiegal. i think i tend to compare myself to others a lot, so seeing so many natural dreadlockers on this site really made me feel that i should have them too. i do believe i need to embrace my own journey more completely and have some self-acceptance. :)

01/04/12 12:34:51AM @hippiegal:

Aika, if you love your dreads, please think carefully first. Many people start with Tnr then let their dreads take over. This sounds like what you've done with your current set. Sometimes wanting things to be totally perfect, even perfectly natural, can spoil the wonderfully imperfect things we do have. I don't know if that makes sense, but it's just a thought.

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