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Location: Norco, CA
Zipcode: 92860
Country: US


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self made wrap and self designed bead :)
a few weeks!


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/08/12 09:12:01PM @soaring-eagle:

rules cant violate rights many religions dont allow the hair to be cut many require the hair to dread they cannot viot]late yoir rights with rules so u can grow dreeads as long as u want

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/22/12 02:35:21AM @soaring-eagle:

oh wait so ..they let the teachers have dreads but the students have to sign a contract that they wont dread?

whats the exact wording of the contract the parts about dreas i mean

05/09/12 09:29:04PM @katie2:
It's a private school and the kids sign a contract when they enroll. He is my student :) But they let me have dreads! :)

05/08/12 10:23:23AM @katie2:


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/08/12 01:53:39AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome technicaly your school cant make u and how are u planning on starting?

Daniel Loewen
04/11/11 04:12:00PM @david9:
i like your taste in music, hows your dreads coming along?

DJ Cumings
04/06/11 06:28:10AM @emily-acosta:
You ditched the bar of soap yet? :)

john q lucas
03/16/11 04:45:51PM @coty:
Thank you for the friend request Jarvis! Good luck to you in your dreadlock adventure!

Krista Lynne
03/16/11 09:58:29AM @joke:
Thanks! Yea they were backcombed and then left to do their own thing. Most of them are all congo's now.

03/15/11 08:27:15AM @mzjae:
thanks for being my friend please link to

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