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Cotton Ball, anyone?

By: Tia
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My hair has been pretty "Sonic The Hedgehog" like thus far in my journey. I get up, take pictures and see more of my hair fell out of the backcombing, everything getting messier and messier, and the new little dread babies that are forming where the backcombing has disappeared,and that is completely cool, it's doing it's thing. If I have to go out anywhere, I throw on my hair cover and go, which isn't very often since I work from home.

This morning, when I woke up and took my pictures, I noticed that my hair is quitea bit puffier today. I haven't done anything different to it, same wash routine, same sleeping place,same everything... So, maybe it's just progressed to a new level of dreading? Or undreading... I'm not sure. Maybe it's the changing of the tree colors and the new season approachinghaha!

So, I guess I will embrace the new stage... Good-bye, Sonic... Hello, Cotton Ball... What will you turn into next? I look forward to the continuance of our journey together...

08/27/11 03:10:40PM @kathleen:

Well now with dreads, you will want to let it grow long right? That will be nice to not have the upkeep. I look forward to being an old, old lady with long gray dreads. It is the one thing that makes me look forward to being old. Lol!!!

08/27/11 12:32:31AM @tia:

Yup, 60 or so that my husband sectioned for me. I only know because I counted the rubber bands he used as I took them out to backcomblol But that wasn't my whole head as I knew the bottom part of the back of my hair was just too short to even try back combing it.

I do have prettyhair thick hair that also grows fast as well.When I was younger, I used to shave the underneath and have it thinned out so it wasn't such a problem LOL Now, I just embrace it and try and enjoy it :) I have a bad habit of growing out my hair to just past my bum, only cutting it once per year (on my birthday)and then chopping it all off into a pixie cut,keeping it short for a year or so, and then growing it out again. I'm in the grow out stage, now, so it's the perfect time for dreads. I don't think I will be cutting it all offagain though as the upkeep was so expensive this last go round!

08/26/11 02:28:48AM @kathleen:
That is a good idea about measuring them. That way I won't speculate. I won't pull them down out of the spiral I will just measure them as they are. Actually I will measure a couple, not all. Lol! You started with 60?! You must have really thick hair! I only started with 52 and I thought mine was thick. Yeah, I shed alot too! When I would wash my hair and brush it out I would have a huge handful. If all of that hair we lose is going into our dreads.....and we plan on having these for a lifetime......we are going to have some major dreads in the years to come! :) I cannot wait!!

08/26/11 02:00:33AM @tia:

Yours look so much older/tighter than mine do. Maybe you should measure one of them and check it weekly or bi-weekly and see if you are losing length. I heard many people that start out with long hair do, but that just means they are tightening up and that is good! I'm not sure howthe locking partof it works out, it seems like the parts that lock into your dread as it growsare the hairs we lose from our scalp as well as the baby hairs, but that would be a really good question for SE. If that is the case, I shed like a dog on a hot spring day and mine will be thick and tight LMAO! When I backcombed, I counted about 60 of them, but stopped short in the back because I had the feeling they were going to fall out anyway. I have no clue what I have right now, I just let them go and when I feel they are doing something big in the back, then we'll see lol I agree about fun hair :) I've always hated putting product in and having to style my hair!

08/26/11 01:09:09AM @kathleen:

Yeah, I still don't know exactly how it all works with my hair type either. Do the frizzies all wrap around each other to lock up my TnR or do the TnR dreads loop up like I see naturals do? Each one of mine seem to be pretty firm together over multiple washings they don't fall apart and I didn't do them very tight. I didn't even do the ends at all up 7 inches. It's weird because I don't see alot of other people on here with baby dreads like mine, even other TnR so I don't have that comparison to see what happens if you know what I mean. I'm just trusting, by what Soaring Eagle tells me that they are coming along nicely so I'm having fun watching and waiting. My husband said today that they looked shorter so maybe that's something. I did wash it today. I commented on your photo that I think your new hairs will probably form new baby dreads. You will probably end up with more than you started with. I have heard other people on here that ended up with extra's. It is all a fun mystery isn't it? We all really don't know exactly what will happen. Lol! Hair has never been so much fun ; )

08/25/11 10:16:05PM @tia:

:) I just callit like I see it. The frizz is supposed to happen to start. Your hair is so curly, though, I don't see you having a very long grow-out stage before they start locing together. I think we're all going to be envying those dreads as time goes on. If you look at my before pic of my longer hair, you can see I don't have a lot of curl... Except, I do get a halo of frizz that happens all over from my baby hairs. I'm wondering what that will do now. hmmmmm....

08/24/11 03:16:10PM @kathleen:
I love your description of the phases! Lol! My root area and each dread is getting really frizzy. My head looks like it expanded with the dread babies sticking out of it. We will see. I still can't imagine them turning into full fledged dreads yet at this point. I'm still a bit skeptical, it's my nature ;) I'm happy to hear your update :) Here's to your next phase!

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