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A brief photo journey of 2 weeks of our vacation: FL to CA.

By: DreadfulAmenita
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My husband and I finally got to leave Florida 2 weeks ago, and we've been on the road ever since. We've been from coast to coast. We pretty much booked it from FL to the West, and saw the Hoover Dam. (Pictured above.)

This is the brief version, of course, but we went to Las Vegas for a night. The next day we saw Yosemite.

Then we stopped by Monterrey and drove down the Pacific Coast Highway:

I got to hug some trees... my first time in California, and my first time to see redwoods!

We stayed near Las Angeles for 2 nights. Saw Venice Beach, Santa Monica pier, Beverly Hills, etc in a day. But for some reason, we weren't really feeling the area, so we decided to drive back towards New Mexico. We both really love the Santa Fe area. We saw the Meteor Crater in Arizona:

We stayed a few nights in Albuquerque and then went straight to Denver. We've been in Denver for 4 nights, spending a lot of time in the hotel since we both got a 24 hour stomach flu. Tomorrow we're going down to Santa Fe/Taos until the weekend when we'll make our way to Texas and Alabama to visit family. (And pick up Woobie who's been staying with my family in AL.) We'll be checking out land for sale in northern NM as we travel for a living and have no home of our own. We'd like to build a house ourselves, but we haven't decided what area of the country we love the most. A big part of this vacation has been scouting a place we both love enough to start looking for land. I'd love to hear from anyone who lives in the Santa Fe region.

At Casa Bonita... if anyone has been to this restaurant in Denver or has seen the Southpark episode, you'll understand my excitement. :)

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