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Word of the Lord?

Marcellus Wallace
11/02/12 12:01:36PM

Many people from different religions take their scripture to be the literal word of God. My problem with this idea is that a word can mean one thing to one person and something else to another (as is fairly evident by the variety of religions derived from a single scripture). So let's say, a prophet really did hear the divine truth and wrote it down for scripture. The only one that can use those words to retrieve the original ideas, is the person that wrote this down. Anyone else would attribute their memories and ideas to what was written and would not have the same overall understanding as the prophet. When i was one with the universal consciousness, I experienced many amazing and wonderful things, some of these were too much for my mind to hold onto and I was not able to store it in memory, but only have vague speculations upon the wonderment i received. Other things I can remember clearly and have a good understanding of, but I cannot describe it with words or pictures or any of the five senses we are so accustomed to. As a human these experiences are ineffable (much as in the way a bee cannot communicate with dance, the complex ideas that us humans can articulate). I've read some scriptures and skimmed through others and to me they all say the same things from different perspectives, to me this is either proof that God exists and influenced all types of people, and they just argue and fight over what i would deem as trivial details, or, that most scriptures are so vague that you can interpret them however you want. What are your opinions upon all this? And here is the conspiracy question... Is it possible that due to all of the pollution in the world today (chemical, mental, and electromagnetic) our brains have devolved from a holistic approach, to only being able to focus and be conscious of fragments of the whole? Is a calcified pineal gland indicative of this? Are the rising rates of ADHD and autism and other cognition limiting diseases the result? Is this why we can't all get along?

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