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By: Rusty McDonald
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I just got my dreads 4 days ago in Bangkok and I LOVE them. I've been wanting them for like 2 years and I finally got them. I was on half term holiday until yesterday and when I got to school EVERYONE was telling me how good I looked etc etc. I just found out today that they're "inappropriate for school" or something pathetic like that. She even said to me that the uniform needs to keep the students looking as "normal as possible" and that my hair was "too extreme". So I've got to keep my hair up whenever I'm at school and let my normal hair grow in and then cut the dreads off. I'M SO FREAKING PISSED. How is a hairstyle going to affect anything or anyone at school????? And I could just keep them in a pony tail and make them look neat but NOOOOOO I HAVE TO GET RID OF THEM.Sorry guys, I needed to have a bit of a rant.
Rusty McDonald
12/06/10 06:02:40AM @rusty-mcdonald:
HURRAH HURRAH HURRAH HURRAH :D :DI told my dad that I needed to cut my hair and then he got all angry so he went to my school today to negotiate with the dress code regulator person thing and I DON'T HAVE TO CUT THEM!!! YAAAAYYYI just have to keep them tied up neatly I'm so happy thanks Daddy <3 :D

11/19/10 11:51:46PM @tatyananashi:
If you haven't already cut them I will mail you a wig I have, it's a headband wig and covers 3/4ths of your head, makes it look like you have a headband on (so you can leave your fringe out) and then looks like normal hair past the headband. I used it to hide my dreads when they were young and when I felt it was necessary, I don't need it any longer. It's brown, so wont match your blonde but maybe worth a shot?

Rusty McDonald
11/13/10 10:06:31PM @rusty-mcdonald:
no theyr not conservative at all. i go to an private english school which has a uniform and wants us to look "neat" or something and want us to be concentrating more on school work than fashion or somthing rly stupid

Arturis Static
11/09/10 08:42:59PM @arturis-static:
Sorry to hear about your situationreally sucks... Like others have asked, is this a private school ? Well I notice you like in Hong Kong, and over in that part of the world, are they that conservative ?

11/08/10 12:33:55AM @william:
If we don't take action nowWe settle for nothing later

Mikey Mikez
11/05/10 07:07:12AM @mikey-mikez:
thats fascist! what coutnry r u living at? iran????

Rusty McDonald
11/04/10 06:36:14PM @rusty-mcdonald:
what's a weft?

11/04/10 03:15:24PM @steph:
ah no, what arseholes! It looks like you have a fringe, so is there no way you could disguise them by buying a weft of fake hair, trying your dreads back into a bun and then wrapping the weft around your hairline, covering the dreads, then you could use a headband to cover the weft? I dunno, it's an extreme suggestion but if it works they may never know you still have dreads... Good luck x

Rusty McDonald
10/27/10 09:24:11PM @rusty-mcdonald:
@new dreddie ya its possible but its not rly worth it :pShane, I KNOOWW RIGHT :(. ya because a hairstyle is totaly going to affect peoples learning......

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