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Answering questions

By: Rose
Posted in:

People notice my hair now lol. I must admit, I really don't like answering questions/explainingstuff. Buuut, I think now I have to.

Like... yesterday a girl asked me:

Do youbrushyour hair.


Have you ever brushed your hair?

Of course.

Do you wash your hair?


Why don't you brush your hair?


And that's mostly how all theconversationshave gone.


But today someone asked me:

Do you want dreads?


I was surprised. The whole class stopped. "How do you get dreads?", one girl called out. "They don't do anything to their hair", another girl answered. "So that's why you don't brush your hair?", the girl next to me asked. Everybody was asking some sort of question. The teacher made them shut up lol.

I REALLY don't like trying to explain this to people who have zero background knowledge. It's exhausting. Would it be rude to type something up explaining dreads and just let people read it when they ask me questions? Like... a pamphlet?

I really think it'snecessaryto explain this to people though. People need their questions answered!

At the end of class the girl next to me said "what a creative way to get dreads." Haha, I don't know about that :p

11/04/12 11:31:55PM @meijka:

school doesn't change does it? Are you by the northeast of the U.S.? Because I have been getting a lot of the same feedback. I see almost no one with dreads!n Most of the time I am questioned by white people if I'm "Trying to be Black." errr noo??

11/02/12 03:48:27PM @rose:

People at my school just think of dreads as a hairstyle, not even permanent because everyone at my school with dreads it getting them twisted and can untwist them. People who I see with dreads will come to school without them one day. I know one kid who has nice dreads, he's had them for 5 years, he started by twisting them. I've heard people comment about white people with dreads, and people seem to think it's impossible or unusual.

Because of that class yesterday it's gotten around about my dreads, but now there seems to be the general misconception that I'm "getting" them, like, in the future. This girl tried to ask me about it today and I told her I didn't want to talkabout it. I just want people to wait and see, and realize.

Baba Fats
11/01/12 08:44:50PM @baba-fats:

There area lot of negative stereotypes the go around. I get asked, pretty often, where the drugs are at? I just laugh and ask "Do I look like a pot head?" It gets them laughing and they tend to walk away

Star Gryphon
11/01/12 08:41:24PM @star-gryphon:

People just like to ask exhausting questions in general sometimes....

:) a lot of negative stereo types when it comes to dreads!

Baba Fats
11/01/12 08:33:59PM @baba-fats:

Smiling is the way to go. Even if I don't respond, I just smile when I hear people talking about my hair or just look at me.

I love the idea of messing with the, but I am a really bad actor

11/01/12 08:12:45PM @rose:

People are funny. When I hear people talking about me (they're never very quiet) I can't help but smile. I mean, they never say anything just to be mean! I just hear them talking about my hair and it gets kinda funny xD

I do give pretty short answers, but since I'm always smiling (cause it's amusing) I don't think I seem rude. I try to sound nice and open, even if I don't want to talk about it.

Messing with people's heads could be an option XD if they're one of the people I know that don't really care but want me to say something "weird" so they can laugh. I'm sure I could give 'em something to laugh at!

11/01/12 07:19:49PM @coloursnrainbows:
I feel what u are saying. This past weekend was my first time seeing my grandmother with my babies and they have been growing for two months now and she freaked out again. As this is the second time I am on this journey. She has never asked me any questions regarding my locks So I can only assume that she thinks the worst. But she has never asked. And I won't start an argument ever with her I just let her walk away. When she is ready she will ask and I will give her any info she may desire. The other day at work also I was asked about my hair in a not so welcomed way. Mind u it's been two months and this person sees me everyday and finally seen them yesterday. She petted me in the head and said u are blonde again and have something going on. I said yes I am locking my hair. She said eww aren't they dirty? Do u wash ur hair? I told her no and I just washed my hair this morning and that I wash my hair every other day like I did before. Nothing has changed. I just don't comb my hair. And they are soft and fluffy! She did agree that my locks were soft and fluffy and felt CLEAN.Haha people are funny.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/01/12 06:46:42PM @soaring-eagle:

mess with thier heads say something like "yes i brush my hair..when im me but lately ive been posessed by the spirit of an ancient ruler named melenopholues who had dreads and was always off leading his armies to victory so didnt have time to bother combing..besides the vision of him charging into battle with wild thick crazy dreadlocks flying in the breeze sent 1/2 his enemies running in fear and since he was a ompassionate leader hed rather scare his enemies away then have to kill them any day

if they still are listening at this point start convulsing roll yoiur eyes back and start chaneling this made ade up ancient spirit

Baba Fats
11/01/12 06:44:58PM @baba-fats:

It's very common for people without locks to be interested in them.

What I have found to work is either to be funny about it. Laughter is he great equalizer. Or, just be short. Not rude. But answer them simply. Don't go off into a tirade about how you do wash your hair! and they are clean! and only people with wax are dirty, giving everyone a dirty name!. You know the drill. Just answer their 1 question simply. If they ask another, answer that one simply. If they keep asking questions, they are interested and may b able to handle a more detailed explanation.

You should be proud that you are interesting to people. You're not a freak, just different.

11/01/12 06:22:35PM @rose:

Yes, at least they were interested. But a lot of the time someone will ask me a question and I'll answer and they'll make a face, laugh, and go tell their friends. And I'm just left being like, wtf just happened. It makes me unsure whether or not peoplelegitimatelywant answers or if they are just amusing themselves. Some people ask questions because they arelegitimatelycurious, but after they get the answer you can tell they don't understand, which is discouraging :/

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