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I have some beads on the dreads I have that are well formed enough. Today in class this boy was looking at my beads and was like "you should get dreads, and then put the beads on the dreads".

My dreads are nearly at 6 months. I didnt even say anything, I just kinda pulled out dread that looked enough like a dread for him to get it. He was like "are you doing that?". I'm all like, "yeah, just completely natural".

Convo paid off, because he started telling me he wanted dreads, and I showed him how to TnR on a little strand of my hair. I told him he should grow out his hair a little more, and he asked me what he should do then. I told him his options were TnR, backcomb, or freeform, I didn't even mention anything else. The only thing is he doesn't know anything about any of those, so I guess I should just send him to this website.

Uh... yeah, I've been told by a few other people that "i should get dreads". It's always leaves me having no idea what to say, cause by this point, you can see the damn dreads in my hair. Has that ever happened to anyone else?

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Answering questions

By Rose, 2012-11-01

People notice my hair now lol. I must admit, I really don't like answering questions/explainingstuff. Buuut, I think now I have to.

Like... yesterday a girl asked me:

Do youbrushyour hair.


Have you ever brushed your hair?

Of course.

Do you wash your hair?


Why don't you brush your hair?


And that's mostly how all theconversationshave gone.


But today someone asked me:

Do you want dreads?


I was surprised. The whole class stopped. "How do you get dreads?", one girl called out. "They don't do anything to their hair", another girl answered. "So that's why you don't brush your hair?", the girl next to me asked. Everybody was asking some sort of question. The teacher made them shut up lol.

I REALLY don't like trying to explain this to people who have zero background knowledge. It's exhausting. Would it be rude to type something up explaining dreads and just let people read it when they ask me questions? Like... a pamphlet?

I really think it'snecessaryto explain this to people though. People need their questions answered!

At the end of class the girl next to me said "what a creative way to get dreads." Haha, I don't know about that :p

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Dreads, school, lonliness.

By Rose, 2012-10-19

I've been meaning to make a post for a while, to let out all the things I've been thinking about lately. I could never get around to it though lol. But now I've got a cold, and nothing to do but sit on the couch and watch tv. This is gonna be long, but here it goes...

Only one of my friends knows I'm dreading. He's been supportive since I first told him I wanted dreads. I did have to explain the natural method to him, but he was supportive of it once I did. A few weeks ago he touched my hair and I moved away. because I'm always afraid people are going to finger comb it. He was all like "oh yeah I forgot you were getting dreads", then he started jumping up and down and going "when are you gonna have dreads?".

Then like, two weekends ago he told me "if I had magic powers I would zap dreads onto your head" lol. I told him I wouldn't let him. It's weird because even though he is supportive, I feel like he doesn't really understand why I'm dreading. It makes me feel lonely because I don't know if anyone really understands. My dad does, but that's not the same as having a friend that understands.

I'm nervous for when my hair really starts to get crazy. So far everything is good, but I'm only a little less than two months. People at school are noticing, and that's actually exciting. I'm happy that people can tell because it means my hair must be progressing, but it's still scary to think what will happen when everyone notices.

The majority of the students at my school are black, with Hispanic coming in second, then white, Asian, etc. The only kids I know with dreads have African-textured hair, and they just twist their hair. The culture around dreads at my school is very different then what I associate them with. Girls at my school also spend a lot of time cutting, dying, flat-ironing, doing all sorts of things to their hair. I'm nervous that when they start to notice my hair they'll think I'm nasty. I already don't fit in all that well, and I like to avoid trying to explain the things I do because it never works out for me.

Also everyone at my school seems to create a big riff between races. Everyone brings so much attention to race. They other day my friend said to my other friend "black people don't wear headbands". For clarification they are both black, and he was teasing her for wearing a headband. I asked him what he meant by that, and I started to get agitated. He told me not to take him seriously, but it's hard not to get annoyed because I hear so many ignorant statements every day. I get asked things like "do I listen to white people music", or if I listen to "that rock music stuff". I mean complete strangers ask me those things! One time this girl kept calling me Sarah before she asked me what my name was, and I was so offended, she also called a Hispanic kid Pablo. I wish someone could say something to her, but people are so aggressive at my school that no one speaks up to them.

I'm nervous that people will figure out I'm dreading (I'm not telling anyone, even after my hair gets knotty) that they'll think I'm crazy cause "white people can't have dreads". Or because no one at my school knows you can get dreads by not brushing, no one I have talked to anyway. I can't believe it! I'm just scared to become "that girl who doesn't brush her hair". I don't want people to make school hell for me, I already hate it.

My friends are generally nice and smart, but don't seem to understand me. It's hard because there are tons of people at my school who hate me, and then I have these friends who are there for me and everything... but I still don't relate with them.


On a more positive note, I'm so happy with my hair. It's doing great so far. Sections with little fuzzy knots in them :) it looks fuller too, feels thicker. I love to look at it in the mirror, and to find all the sections I can consider baby dreads. Woohoo!

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