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Having a happy first week natural

By: Puddinbites
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Well first off just let me say how relaxing and fun this is just from the beginning, nothing hurt, my hair feels good not damaged and I see progress. On the 9th or 10th (pretty sure the 9th, my Husbands thinks so too but who know for sure) I was having an awful time trying to find the brush so I went on threw with starting the process lol I had been wanting them for forever (had a bad set 10 years ago) and been looking into exactly how I wanted to do it for the last few weeks and I felt ready.

My hair loves to tangle and seperate into little groups on it's own so I was pretty sure my hair would do really well and I think it is. I have 3 baby dreads on the back on of my neck and pieces really sticking together, they are small but I would prefer mostly smaller dreads with a few bigger ones in the back. It just feels like things are going right this time.

My husband is so supportive and makes sure the back doesn't get too stuck together and is hand carving me some beads and also trying to make a swirly chinese dragon but it'd be long time before I'd be able to wear to anyways. He is using cherry wood and I hope that is okay. We will get him some carving and wood burning suppiles soon.

I have the products I am currently using and pics up in my profile. I ordered the dreadlock shampoo and sea salt spray though too and I can't wait to try it out. I think I might buy some embroidery string tomorrow to make some criss cross wraps just for fun.

I'm gonna update with pictures and a blog posts pretty often since I really enjoyed reading and seeing other peoples dread journey. :) Thanks for reading

06/19/13 02:22:10PM @puddinbites:

Thanks Tara C :)
Just a lil update: I also got the dreadlockshampoo and used it yesterday and really liked it, my hair is soft but tangley and my hair and especially my bangs look so much better then they did after washing with the dr.bronners. I'm using the patchouli scent and the sea salt spray and both smell so good too. I got a sample of the dragon's blood and I think I'll order it next time.
I also put in a super cute light pink criss cross wrap in on a sectioned piece of hair but after I showered it was in a ball tangled around the hair :( I didn't want it to be too tight because I wanted the hair to be able to tangle with it there so it might have been too loose I think maybe I should only put them on the actual baby dreads right now so maybe the tangle texture will hold them on some.

Tara C
06/17/13 08:41:15AM @tara-c:

Nice, glad to hear it's going well, sounds like your hair is dreading fast :)

06/17/13 08:09:22AM @puddinbites:

Thanks Barrellady :) He always encourged me when I talked about dreads but He was the one who told me how to do my last set and it took alot of explaining to let him know that all those things he told me to do were wrong (he had a set a few years earlier that looked good but I doubt would have been long last lasting). I hated my old set and it ruined my hair. He was skeptical about just stopping brushing, how important it is to stay away from residues, how terrible rubber bands are and not using any wax or products. He also thought you were supost to retwist and tear up the hair constantly and palm roll all the time too. I think he thought that is why my fist set looked terrible is because I didn't do that enough.

It took awhile but I keep showing him and telling him things on this site and also dreads gone wrong on other sites. I showed him so many timelines and people with beautiful dreads that didn't do crazy things to them. That now he says left alone dreads look better and if he was to redo his he would tnr then leave it alone so that makes me so happy. (but I don't think he will dread at least not right now, he always complains about his hair making him hot and has a good job in plant where you have to keep your hair up away for safety, it's a very dangerous place and he already has a ton of hair to keep put away without dreads)

I think he and me are both seeing natural is the way for me it feels so right. I don't know it's like I know almost everyone who sees me out is wondering what is wrong with her hair but I just feel so at ease and I think my husband is find my messy head to be very cute too lol:)

the Barrellady
06/16/13 11:51:31PM @the-barrellady:

So happy for you, and nice to see your husband involved. Hugs to him.....peace

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