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Mary White


Location: Guntown, MS
Zipcode: 38849
Country: US


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Dreadlocks Dyed With Red Henna

Duration: 00:04:43
Update of my dreads dyed with RED henna from Henna Hut.
Mary White
08/06/11 12:40:01AM @mary-white:

Naw, Man. No need to bleach you hair. Unless you have black hair.. then you might have to! I just got a 100 gram pack of RED henna from Henna Hut and mixed it like the directions said. Left it on for an hour and rinsed. Will have to re-do as it didn't soak in good in my dreads.. gonna leave it on longer next time. :)

08/06/11 12:25:14AM @kafkax:

They look awesome! Ive been thinking of dying some of my dreads, did you have to bleach your hair first? Whatws the process like?

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