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day one of new journey

By: marisue
Posted in:

any advice is so welcome I'll probobly be here alot asking questions and hopefully one day I will be able to give it instead of asking for it but as in life everyday brings something new to everyone. I bought a sulfite free shampoo and I was wondering if I can shampoo my hair every few days with that also I wear my hair up at work is it alright to do that or should I wear it down. thanks for help and guidence

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/11/13 05:29:24PM @soaring-eagle:

what shampoo just cause its sulfate free dont mean its good fir dreads

and if u can leave en down ju should if u have to tie em up do so loosely and let em down soon as u can

01/11/13 04:54:35PM @kelly3:

Wash regularly (1-3 times a week) and separate when sections get over one square inch, or when dreads begin to grow together. Wearing your hair down would be better, but get a tam if you have to wear it up.

I already suggested BS/ACV on chat, but I will post this for you again in case you lose it.

Enjoy the journey!

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