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marcus dawkins


Location: Union, SC
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baking soda

By: marcus dawkins
Posted in:
Can anyone give me the steps on the baking soda and acv rinse i am a month and a half in the natural process
Thea Whitter C
10/04/13 10:11:13AM @thea-whitter-c:
Hey MarcusD:How are you doing?Thank you for commenting on my pics ;0)For the baking soda and apple cider vinegar treatment you can first start by adding the baking soda to your shampoo, and washing your hair as per usual. Where the acv is concerned, you need to use a diluted amount when rinsing the hair. I recently started using both products in caring for my hair, and honestly my hair seems to love it. I am unsure as to what specific measurements/amounts should be though..., I just used what 'I' thought was enough.Best wishes!

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