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Kerry LoCo


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Almost a Year

By: Kerry LoCo
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I'm close to a year (at 50 weeks right now) and it's slow going. Still lots of loose ends, frizzies, and tons of weird knots. I do see progress though. I love the fact that I have let go of a lot of mental hair issues that I have been carrying around with me for decades. LOL

I do bs/acv wash weekly and the rest of the week, if needed, just just plain hot water. I've been taking the biotin supplement for quite a while now, and I think with the combination of both the pill and the washing, my scalp has been healthier than it has been in a very long time. I don't know if the biotin is encouraging hair growth, but it is working on my nails quite nicely and I am grateful for that.

I plan on posting some new pictures at the 52 week mark.

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