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Almost a Year

By Kerry LoCo, 2014-02-27

I'm close to a year (at 50 weeks right now) and it's slow going. Still lots of loose ends, frizzies, and tons of weird knots. I do see progress though. I love the fact that I have let go of a lot of mental hair issues that I have been carrying around with me for decades. LOL

I do bs/acv wash weekly and the rest of the week, if needed, just just plain hot water. I've been taking the biotin supplement for quite a while now, and I think with the combination of both the pill and the washing, my scalp has been healthier than it has been in a very long time. I don't know if the biotin is encouraging hair growth, but it is working on my nails quite nicely and I am grateful for that.

I plan on posting some new pictures at the 52 week mark.

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Sad, but hanging in there...

By Kerry LoCo, 2013-11-29

Journey is 9 months plus now, backcomb with wax at the beginning but the wax is gone. I wash my hair with BS/ACV once a week and just plain water the rest of the time. I do separate the strands often. I see progress but my husband doesn't.

We are seeing his family tomorrow for a mini-reunion and he asked me this morning if I was going to fix my hair before then. I don't know how to describe the blank look he gives me when I tell him that there really is no "fixing" it. I can not only see the progress, but I can feel it all over. I guess because my hair was always so "neat" that he's having a hard time with this.

I'm dreading tomorrow (hah, pun not intended). Last time we saw some bonus relations (not blood, but marriage), a couple of girls close to my daughter's age made some snide comments about my hair where she could overhear. She's not disposed to liking those girls anyway (preppy/snobby) and this didn't help any. I told her that mean kids are always mean and just don't let it get to her. Kids at her school know about me & my hair - dreads are no big deal there, they just think it's amusing because I'm white and that goes against stereotype.

This time around, it will be my husband's mother & sdad, his sister and her husband, and most likely his brother and family. I'm sure it's all gone around the grapevine what I have done and they've gossiped. I don't want my husband's feelings hurt and I definitely don't want to put up with mean people crap.

Oh well, I'm an adult and I'm going to act like one. Just smile and be friendly and if they do say something to my face, remind them that I am old enough to do what I want with my own hair. LOL

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By Kerry LoCo, 2013-10-27

Purchased a bottle of Biotin and started taking it yesterday. Don't really need it for hair growth, but am having a problem with my nails, so decided to try it. I will see if it does anything for the hair (which is pretty healthy so far).

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Dread Comments

By Kerry LoCo, 2013-09-06

Last night, I noticed a man looking at me while shopping in WD. He finally stopped me in one aisle and asked if I was growing dreadlocks. I said I was trying to, but it was taking a long time, and he laughed. He said they looked good and to hang in there. He said he had long ones once and cut them off and regretted it. His head was shaved on the sides with only a skull cap of short dreads on top.

So funny, after over 6 months, I've only had 2 comments, both positive. Lots of ugly faces made, but I always smile back which confuses them and they mostly end up smiling back. Best way to handle it so far.

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On messiness...

By Kerry LoCo, 2013-08-29

My husband said my hair was very messy today, after I had washed it and towel dried it. He actually asked if there was something I was supposed to do to it. I told him that it was just doing what it was supposed to. Then I asked if he liked it and he was honest, and said he did not like it and reminded me that he had been against this from the beginning. I told him that I liked it and he said that was all that matters. I wish he did like it, but there is nothing I can do about it. I'm just grateful that he loves me and is accepting of my choices.

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