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Kelsey Joy


Location: Buffalo, NY
Zipcode: 14221
Country: US

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hula hooping

Duration: 00:02:27
just ordered a new LED hoop cannot wait for it to get here! in the mean time practice practice practice
Pranee RN
05/17/11 10:05:24AM @pranee-rn:
awe! I love your hooping! I am excited for your LED! I want one but have to go on my wish list lol!

Christina Barnes
05/17/11 08:38:59AM @christina-barnes:
Nice Hooping :) I just started again, it's been years... SO outta practice but Ill get there. lol

Kelsey Joy
05/13/11 04:37:36PM @kelsey-joy:
thanks everyone! and annalise i actually make all my hooops :)

05/13/11 01:47:51PM @annalise:
awsome video :) where did you get all those hoops, did you have to order them online? i cant seem to find aplacethat sells them

05/13/11 11:26:42AM @georgiafreespirit:
your doing great!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/13/11 02:46:27AM @soaring-eagle:
i love watchin u hoop :)

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