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Katrina Randall


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I'm such a bitch to my brother

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01/30/11 12:30:43AM @rootspunkreggae:

dam that was funny ur all like a little girl sorta and u jus swich it up so quick i love ur vids u seem so akward its funny

hes a loser he gets bad grades he hangs out wif bad people an i jus dont like him haha omg ur so funny

and not to be mean and i mean it in the most nonoffensiveway but ur so white its funny

01/23/11 02:42:06AM @dave2:

Hah! i remember the taste of spirulina, bleh!!

Sounds like a nice smoothie, chuck an egg in too, bananas and eggs are good for positive brain moods.

So your dreads stayed in better,yes?

Dont say you cant do something before trying, it is bad mental programming.Accepting it may be hard is o.k but you are the one person you most listen to so to tell yourself you cant do it can be quite damaging to your performance.

So good luck on your mid terms.

And tell your brother he ruined a perfectly good rant lol, I had my p.c up full and still couldnt make out what you said near the end. : )

Keep smilin.

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