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Jimmy DC


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Help please

By: Jimmy DC
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Yo i want some help on this dreading process, I am ofHispanicheritage with curly hair about 4 inches long and i have no dread experience but i was thinking on travelling and thought this type of hair would fit my experience, I am 16 years old .So i was thinking on doing the backcombing process but some ppl said i shuld go natural but idk, I wanna know which one is better quality and how long it takes for the process. Thank you for the help

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/22/12 12:15:30AM @soaring-eagle:

on the plus side u can start going natural today and let it dread as it gains length

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/22/12 12:14:08AM @soaring-eagle:

natural all the way and how long varies tho 2 more inches will make a huge difference

curly hair dreads faster and shorter but 6 inch is the magic number for natural backcomb recomend twist and rip b4 backcomb its a better method but either way to make em u still need 5 u might get away with 4..if your very lucky but more likely to fall apart completely

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