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Jeff Mitchell


Country: CR


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Dont Fear The Reaper

Dont Fear The Reaper

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Local Boy in the Photograph

Local Boy in the Photograph

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/01/12 02:48:27PM @soaring-eagle:

theres a whole new mobile site being worked on the iphone app itself was a beta and then was going to cost 35 a mi[onth i never got confirmation that the ads were working on it and couldnt pay the 35 a month idf they werent if they are i will start paying for it but what updates ar u looking for? you might want to wait and see how the new movbile site works once its fully launched

Taisha Rudoski
10/28/11 10:01:27AM @donovan-sky-morales:

Hey I was thinking about ya the other day and was wondering how the move and you and your family are doing?! The bead your lil' girl made me has an official home now, I moved it to the back of my head to a "baby" awhile back and it has since grown and flourished and the bead may just be there forever :D I love it! I was afraid the colors would fade w/ BS/ACV or the Bronners but they are holding up just as lovely as when she sent it!

Taisha Rudoski
07/30/11 01:52:32PM @donovan-sky-morales:

Yeah not a huge fan of the Tea Tree smell, so I put some rosemary, a little Tea Tree, and quite a bit of Jasmine in a bottle to kind of mask the Tea Tree smell, since it's very little TT smell I don't mind it and i just LOVE jasmine, I bet you could do it with some Peppermint too for kind of a nice tingly feeling! I have flakes yet too but mainly in my front where I keep getting new babies popping up so not sure if that's why or not I just deal with it mainly, might try throwing some aloe on my scalp up front and see if it helps any, lemme know if you find relief!

Elmer Amaya
07/05/11 11:58:08PM @tony-battaglia:
I just saw your latest video about the itching so I was wondering if you have tried the tea tree oil yet? I got mine from walmart for like maybe 5 bucks.

07/03/11 11:47:28AM @rydah:
Hey there.

Taisha Rudoski
07/02/11 10:56:58AM @donovan-sky-morales:
Can't wait to see more pics!!! <3

Elmer Amaya
06/22/11 01:22:57AM @tony-battaglia:
Heya and thank you : ) yours are looking awesome and will only keep getting more awesome.

Anna Johnsen
06/17/11 12:54:32PM @sara-luedtke:
what is your name?

Anna Johnsen
06/16/11 11:13:41PM @sara-luedtke:
of course <3 sorry it took so long to get back to ya, super busy! might be easier on facebook? cayla lynn-marie thoenen

Taisha Rudoski
06/16/11 04:23:54PM @donovan-sky-morales:
We're doing pretty good, you can look me up on FB by Shanxon Lemasters, email is My son is stuck on his mohawk so we stick with that but I see my little girl in dreads before too much longer, she has my hair type and HATES having her hair brushed. I can't wait to see all of your pics!!!

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