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Month 2

By Jayden, 2011-06-22
So month 2 has ended, and I still can't see any difference from the previous month.However I did twist and rip 1 dread, I wanted to see what it would look like. So I have that one little dread. The photo is without "little dready" still only washing my hair twice a week, I have been using the baking soda soak that soaring eagle posted. (thanks for the recipe btw.) I also been looking on you tube and have seen several "my progress videos." I still have yet to see a month to month v-log. maybe that's because no one else noticed any significant progress till around month 6. I don't know. Well there you have it the month 2 update. Month%202.jpg
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Month 1 No Combing

By Jayden, 2011-05-25

So Recently I have reached the one month of no combing benchmark.

yay, I however think it looks like just one night. I am starting to think about the twist and rip method to speed things up a bit. Maybe I am being impatient. but i would think i would have a knot or even maybe a tangle by now. OK so i might have a tangle or two but i wouldn't be able to actually say because i try not to do anything to my hair, I don't want to undo any tangles or knots that may have formed by accidental finger combing.

Well here is the photo.

one month no comb

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week 1

By Jayden, 2011-04-28

here is a photo of my progress so far. no combing,

I had washed it twice, but no comb.

although I don't notice any "progress" comparing my hair along side others who have done the same it looks to be about

were it should be. So I guess it's doing it's thing normaly.

See just looks like messy hair.

I am also making a wool tam. I may have a photo of it when it is done.

peace Jayden.

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Breaking habbits.

By Jayden, 2011-04-22

I almost combed my hair this morning... lol.

It's funny how not doing something can be rather hard,well to rember you nolonger do that thing,

after so long of doing so that is. The funnier thing is that I was reminded by a Deadhead HQ comb in the container of combs. The only good use for it I have found is to comb out my beard. Works good for it to.

So as fate may have it my not yet existent dreads were saved.

I will post more photos later, but I don't wish to fill up a site with the day to day look. although I am taking them. it's more for a side project I thought would be kind of cool. a "dreadamation" or "Dreadumentry" as it were. I hope.

I was also reading up on the wool tams, I learned something I will try soon. thanks for all the great info to every one.

Peace, Jayden.

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Dread Journial.

By Jayden, 2011-04-21

Hi, My Friends Call me Jayden; And I hope we can be. I decided to try yet another method for dreads, All natural.

I have tried the " products" and just had to cut them off. Very sad, then I tried simply back combing, I at the time did not know that they would fall loose. a nightmare to try to keep them tight. and after a headache and another they went by by as well. Then I found this sight, and thought it would be great to try, well ... Nothing. After all the other methods were supposed to make dreads with out the crazy man wild hair look; and failed. So be it. This journal is mainly for me to document my own experience. I left it public so it may help you as well. If my way doesn't work, then don't try it. I chose this site to post to because I liked the fact people actually answer questions. especially about the many insecurity's we all may have, on our own dread journey. Peace ;)

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