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Dread Journial.

By: Jayden
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Hi, My Friends Call me Jayden; And I hope we can be. I decided to try yet another method for dreads, All natural.

I have tried the " products" and just had to cut them off. Very sad, then I tried simply back combing, I at the time did not know that they would fall loose. a nightmare to try to keep them tight. and after a headache and another they went by by as well. Then I found this sight, and thought it would be great to try, well ... Nothing. After all the other methods were supposed to make dreads with out the crazy man wild hair look; and failed. So be it. This journal is mainly for me to document my own experience. I left it public so it may help you as well. If my way doesn't work, then don't try it. I chose this site to post to because I liked the fact people actually answer questions. especially about the many insecurity's we all may have, on our own dread journey. Peace ;)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/21/11 08:21:12PM @soaring-eagle:

you will love the stress free way of dreading naturally

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