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Has anyone gotten the question...

By interrstella, 2014-02-09
Along the lines of "are you dreading your hair" and your respond with something along the lines of "Yes, I am LETTING my hair dread," and their all o.O
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Just a little bragging

By interrstella, 2014-02-06
So, to start all the people I work with and the regulars I serve keep asking me if I did something to my hair and that they really like it :)Second, today I tried and succeeded in tying my hair up with my own hairYayay thanks /rant
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A knotty head looking for some natural help

By interrstella, 2014-01-30
Over the past two months I've been riding myself of all the useless products that have been cluttering our bathroom. I switch to a no poo hair care system, using only honey "shampoo" which is only I part honey, dissolved into 2 parts warm water. Over the past 2 weeks I did switch back to a lush soap bar I had been given over the holidays because the honey shampoo has a softening and moisturizing effect. I have read through the shampoo FAQ and there are tons of information that is all over the board. I do work next to an herbal hop that sells some shampoos I will be checking there soon but I would like to know of any SLS free shampoos or herbal mixtures that are safe for me to use regularly, no just as a monthly deep cleaner.Also, can I brag on how much I love my hair right now? I have super thick curly hair. Washing it has always been such a hassle, and I don't even want to get started on the styling process. I would only brush my hair when I washed it, which was about 2-4 times a week. In those days in between I've always had "neglect" dreads start to form and a few years ago I even decided to just let my hair do what it wanted and I loved it for a while, however I was living in a hot desert with no car and was on the verge of collapsing on a regular basis when walking to work (I was walking in miles of 110+ degree weather regularly.) so at that time I cut and brushed them out :(My hair WANTS to do this and I love it so much. It's in the "crazy" stage but is by far more tame and manageable than I've ever known it to be.What's a lion without a mane? :)
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