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Baba Fats
12/20/12 12:00:30PM @baba-fats:

No offense at all. I was just wondering. It's common for people to missuse the term. I just wanted to get an idea about what you meant.

Get yourself a non residue soap. Non residue and anti residue are not the same thing. Dr. Bronners is very common, but doesn't work well in hard water. has the absolute best soaps. They work in hard and soft water. The baking soda/apple cider vinegar wash is very popular too. I prefer the dreadlockshampoo soaps to either of the others, though.

Wash 2-3 times a week. And separate as needed.

Baba Fats
12/20/12 08:30:09AM @baba-fats:

Welcome. All natural really means never doing anything to your hair other than washing and separating. No tools, no back combing, no TnR. And NO products. Many people seem to think all natural is just not using wax or gels. That's good. But it's not natural. Natural and neglect are pretty much synonymous with eachother

ღHippie Loveღ
12/20/12 01:13:04AM @hippie-love:
Welcome and Happy Dreading..

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/19/12 11:46:27PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome bt just to be sure how do u define all natural? just asking cause althogh most ppl use the term right its missused alot too and often used for things that are nowhere near all natural

01/05/13 10:47:00PM @tony2:

You can wash with Baking Soda first. 5 cups water to every 1/2 cup BS let it sit for about 15 to 30 mins and I use a 13oz bottle 1oz ACV with 12oz water with about 5 to 10 drops of coco butter oil I let the ACV sit for about 5 to 15 mins it really depents on how dry my scalp is though. Everyone has their own ways of making their wash and rinse. So yes, you rinse them out really well.

01/05/13 10:18:50PM @darkstar:

Sure. You can mix whatever oils you want. But when using essential oils, always mix them with either a ton of water, jojoba oil, or sweet almond. Essential oils, straight, are caustic to your skin and can cause irritations.

01/05/13 10:16:51PM @tony2:

You can put oils in ACV for a rinse.

01/05/13 09:52:12PM @darkstar:

She let it go from there. The new growth tangles on it's own. There's nothing you need to do. There will end up being a few inches of straight hair there for a while. But that loose hair pulls itself in and tightens. Once they mature, you'll probably never have more than 1/4 inch of straight new growth at a time

01/05/13 07:18:17PM @darkstar:

Welcome. I see that Eagle mentioned it, but he's right. Lemon juice makes your locks feel like they'd lock up fast because of how it dries out your hair. But it is really damaging it. Lemon juice is citric acid. It seeps into your hair shaft and breaks it down. That's why people use it to lighten their hair.

My wife used braids to start her first set years ago. It works, but it happens much slower than if you just let them happen on their own. They first have to untangle and then retangle in a different pattern. Braids restrict movement

01/05/13 06:43:25PM @tony2:

What did you use to hold your draids together then?

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