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Location: NYC
Country: PE


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/22/12 12:13:10PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome wax was a huge scam wax never belongs in dreads

02/14/11 07:20:05PM @feedroh:
Yo ye du onle live wunce a, so live it up tu the maximum, kos u never no wen it may be yur last ay!!!!!!! Be safe and true tu yurself is the best medicine mixed with laugther!!!!!!!!!!!

01/31/11 02:53:19PM @feedroh:
Hard out Jess u only live wunce orite so live life tu the fullest a in any way possible way yu kan haha!!!!!!Mauriora!!!!!!!!!!

01/14/11 11:08:11PM @draven-lantz:
where abouts is that?

01/07/11 06:53:09PM @draven-lantz:

yeah straight from the Islands.... and i bet you did turn some heads and the dreads probably did some help some! where in BC are you from?

01/06/11 03:11:53PM @feedroh:
Kiaora yu doing ur lokz the natural way a?? Nice f u are!!!!!!!!

kristina woodruff
12/30/10 10:17:25AM @lizzie-meyer:
I didn't catch where your headed for your winter escape

kristina woodruff
12/27/10 11:24:30AM @lizzie-meyer:

I was curious about the weather because Im planning a roadtrip out to bc and I'm leaving in about a month. I may keep asking for updates if that's okay.

Where to for winter vacation?

12/23/10 11:45:23PM @draven-lantz:
I love all kinda music... but im from the Islands an i was borna nd bred on Reggae music like Lovers rocks..... fub... and roots i just found this band called Midnite.. theyre from the Carribean.... where are you from?

kristina woodruff
12/23/10 06:20:16PM @lizzie-meyer:

Im doing really well thanks, looking forward to seeing my fam. for x mas. How are things winterwize in manitoba?

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