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dreadlocks shampoo
Draven Lantz


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/05/12 01:39:35AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome id either let em dread naturaly or tnr them..naturals the vbest way tho

01/29/11 03:39:02PM @feedroh:
Malo Muss kai te pehea koe bro?? How are you bro??Were you born and bred in the states bro or in Samoa first?? Im Maori frm Tuhoe jist thort id say Malo to you anyway bro and say hi bro how you anyway bro algud?Hows the locks comming along algud??Anyway hop ur well there in America dread on bro!!!!!!!!!!!!

01/17/11 07:04:22PM @guillermo:

manitoba is 3 provinces to the right of BC

& well the location of Brandon isn't that significant :P

01/14/11 06:42:39PM @guillermo:
not BC, but manitoba. this lil' city called Brandon

Ganon Fraser
01/13/11 10:10:23PM @adrian-pacheco:
By the way bro id go natural dreading, its a great expirence and if you are going to keep them the rest of your life then you will definitly want natural dreads, it looks like you gotta grow you hair abit before you can back comb, I'm positive by the time its long enough to BC it will be dreaded if not baby dreads if you left it alone and wear a tam or if your hairs short even a beanie would mat the hair up

Ganon Fraser
01/13/11 10:05:10PM @adrian-pacheco:
Hah really? WA is great, I will be going up there for the next rainbow gathering, Peace and blessings brother

01/06/11 03:08:48PM @feedroh:
Kiaora bro thanx for the add Mauriora!!!!!!!!

Ganon Fraser
01/03/11 04:35:45AM @adrian-pacheco:
whats'up rasta

12/26/10 03:53:47PM @guillermo:

That's dope, never met anyone from an island lool.

but I'm from Canada,

ya hair's gunna be awesome, i did the same method,

i've turned a few heads while i'm in my process lool

12/25/10 11:44:40PM @britt3:
i used it when i just got them to help them begin their beautiful journey :)

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