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Carina Nicole
02/25/12 11:35:05AM
12 posts

Never thought I'd say this but I want more loops and bumps!

General Talk

i name my unusual dreads! they are my favorite. i love how the hair changes and twists.

the first few times i did dreads i waxed them, rolled them, tightened, hurt my hair and my scalp trying to get perfect locks. always fussing....

then i learned better. this time its all wild and crazy and oh so fun!

Carina Nicole
02/25/12 10:53:27AM
12 posts

Natural way questions

Dreading Methods

oooh yay! I love wearing my little girl!! Dread locked Mamas are the best!

I'm bad...I wear my hair in a pony tail a lot, but my hair has been locking up fine. Tams are awesome, so are larde clips!

I sometimes twist and rip small sections and then let them do their thing for a couple months, and do it again.

use aloe vera in your hair. Real stuff from the plant, and apple cider vinigar to wash. I find a quick dip in the ocean is also great for establishing new dreadies!!!

Peace and love!

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