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02/19/13 11:54:46AM
2 posts

Piercings and tattoos

General Talk

I love piercing and tattoos! Got stretched lobes and a septum piercing:-)

The ink is on it's way. Gotta choose what I'm going to do and that is the hard part.

02/18/13 04:49:46AM
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Scandinavian dreadlock progress

Dreadlock Picture Gallery

Nice hair dude!

Im from Sweden and I got straight, non-curly hair. At first I thought it was impossible for it to start dread. But when I found this site, things started to clear up for me.
I did a lot of things wrong back in the day, but now when I have started to do the BS/ACV wash the process is starting. I got a wonderful journey a head of me:-)

Keep it up bro!


updated by @norrland: 07/22/15 07:46:46PM
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