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Dreads aren't maturing?

By: Eric Andrikowich
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I got my dreads back combed then left for natural. It's been about 3 months now and I don't feel like they are maturing very much. Is that common for this time in my journey or should I be patient and wait several more months?
01/03/13 11:55:29AM @mons:
I started by back combing as well. You're at a very rough time in your dread journey, you feel they should be all tight and looking awesome because of the the way they were started. When in reality they kinda suck. They're straggly, loose, maybe some really fucked up lookin spots. Whatever your dreads are doing is perfectly normal for back combed babies. I felt so blah about mine at around 3-4 months (a year ago) that I started combing them out. It actually started with a couple congoes that I couldn't rip apart. Then I liked how soft my hair was, I missed that, and kept combing. I combed out several all the way and some part way. Huge mistake. Eventually I quit doing that, my shoulder hurt and I got bored, so I left it to redread. That was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I pretty much forgot about my hair after that. Then one day during the summer I realized that I had some really killer ropey dreads going on, about sharpie sized. I fell in love with them. I've had my dreadies for almost 14 months now and I wouldn't change anything. I have thought about combing them all out and starting over naturally, but I live my hair the way it is now, my babies are almost fully mature and quite frankly they're gorgeous (in my opinion).Moral of my story: have patience, forget about your hair, but love it at the same time. What you're going thru will end eventually and you'll have the awesome dreadies you've been anxiously waiting for.

Baba Fats
01/03/13 09:00:46AM @baba-fats:

3 month old locks are still children. Maybe not infants anymore, but no where near mature yet. If you still feel knots, then you are ahead of schedule.

Be patient. Mature locks take a full year, on average, to mature.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/03/13 12:34:21AM @soaring-eagle:

haha maturing in 3 months? does a baby graduate college before learning to talk or use the potty?

the 1st 3-4 months they goi backwards more then forwards at 3-4 months they will be at their loosest if not fallen completely apart but then by 6 they make alotta progress

if you still have dreads ..or backcombed hair thats held together for 3 months then yor doing fine and 3 more will make alor=tta difference

Castaway J
01/02/13 11:51:13PM @castaway-j:

dont worry about it, keep in mind you have yet to grow the length required for more progress. youve given your hair a huge head start, so theres not much else for it to do really but all it needs is mroe time and more length.

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