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Earth Mama2


Location: Naalehu, HI
Zipcode: 96772
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/02/11 01:32:22PM @soaring-eagle:

02/06/11 03:09:51PM @feedroh:
Hows things with you ma friend??

brittany leigh
09/21/10 03:32:57PM @laci-derosier:
Hey Darlen, nice to meet you n' thanks for the friendship! Gotta say, your art has impressed me... never thought ponys could be so bad ass haha.

Andy Latchaw
06/17/10 05:54:45AM @skylinedcascade:
Thanks for the add :)

Chloe Alexandra
06/04/10 09:26:52AM @chris-taylor:
hey! thanks for the invite! did you do the pictures of the horses?

sabrina redmon
05/20/10 04:07:13PM @dorothy-campbell:
Hi thanks for the friendship :) nice art!

Caitlin Brynn
05/18/10 02:21:23PM @moyo:
np I added ya, I've been using facebook more than anything lately, but that's cool with me you can bug me whenever u see me around, lol

Caitlin Brynn
05/15/10 12:21:00PM @moyo:
that's a good plan, your defiinitely talented enough to take it in w/e direction imo, lol,and I used to have an aim, have to re-dl the aim tho, otherwise i mostly just use the myspace/facebook chat now, lolwbu

Caitlin Brynn
05/12/10 09:15:38PM @moyo:
right now it's just enc1101 that i always neglected to take,, no real reason just didn't do it, lol i love english to, and hopefullllly something radiology, tho that'll probably change in the near future, lolwhat's new?

Caitlin Brynn
05/12/10 07:17:55AM @moyo:
Hey sorry about that it doesnt lemme know when i have comments, lol I've been ok, taking summer college class that moves alot faster than normal so just trying to keep up with everything in life be4 i start stressin, haha, how've u been?

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