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More progress in 1 day than I had in 1 year trying to 'make dreads'

Jeannie Pitt
8 years ago
23 posts

human contact in and of itself can disarm armies. So many people forget their capacity for love and compassion. I struggle with letting go of stuff too, but we all need to remember that by loving others we never really lose anything. We may get hurt, but we don't diminish our quantities and reserves of love. We all give of love more freely and the world changes in an instant.

Peace and love, man. Rainbows and butterflies. Hugs and popsicles.

updated by @jeannie-pitt: 07/22/15 08:18:07AM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,402 posts

love yas!

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
Amy Lanning
7 years ago
6 posts
WHAT THEY SAID^^^ ^^^ ^^^ :o )Awwww, @everyone before me.....I loved this..... .... i mean to read every word... ...thank you and i feel the same... ... ....plrbp(peace,love,rainbows,butterflies) and(((BIG HUGS)))Thank you, this kind of love you don't find many places!@soaringeagle....great idea.... ...holding that!!!
7 years ago
235 posts
Heh dont think me a hater but there are certainly instances where this "community" of ours can be insensitive and competitive, but that just means we are human along with the rest.

AstaNord said:

you described that perfectly! it's exactly how i feel too! :) seems like every other community on the web has to be rude and competitive to itself, and this is just full of happy and nice people. i will try my best to one day be as kind as everyone in here :)

good that you're here too :)

Jeannie Pitt said:

my dear that was totally understandable, at least to me. That's pretty much exactly how I felt and still feel. It's kind of like when you're stranded all alone on a deserted island, and then you see a ship sailing in your direction with waving hands and smiles.

Glad you're here. :)

T Nash
7 years ago
2 posts
I love that everyone on this site is so kind and respectful, and people actually want to help you get really nice dreads instead of manufactured boring waxed up ones.
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