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Everything that is a dreadlock no no is in my head

Andrea Rosario
6 years ago
8 posts

3RD ATTEMPT in 8 months to start my locks: I decided to find a proffecional that knew how to section and lock hair, oh and I did. She cost me 160$ and I sat in her chair, facing away from the mirror, for 11 hours. She washed my hair, salt water treated my hair, dried, backcombed, powdered, waxed crochetted, and then rubber banded the roots of each dread baby..... When she finished she told me that i didnt have to do anything to them, not palm roll, dont wash them for 2 weeks at which time I could put them in the ocean and then wipe my scalp with witch hazel, dont get them wet until then!, and the bands needed to stay on for 6 weeks at which time I was to come back to her so that she could maintain them for me and that was going to cost me 65$ each time. But, I was still blissfully ignorant ant so super happy to have finally gotten my dreads started right, so I thought, so I said a million thank yous and went home, with my do-rag for sleeping in that she had sold me so I didnt get wax on my bed, (thoughtful, right?, yeah, I thought so too.)

For four days, I was sooo happy, but then, my head started to itch, a lot. My husband sat down with me between his leg and stated aplying the witch hazel to my scalp with a q-tip. He was conserned at that point due to the fact that my scalp looked very irritated and red and the rubber bands were pulling the hairs so tightly. I couldnt stand the itching so i googled it and a forum from this site came up. I have been on here for 2 days now, today is 7/12/12. Soaring Eagle was one of the first to respond to my pleas for help, and my eyes were opened to all the wrong that that lady and I had done to my poor hair. All of the no nos of dreading are in my hair as I am typing this. Boy do I feel dooped.

My husband removed the bands last night and I will be using dawn to get the wax out until I can afford the wax b gone.

The message here is to please do research before you take the journey.

updated by @andrea-rosario: 01/13/15 09:30:42PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,179 posts

the part of the story she left out is

her hair was already dreading even though she finger combed conditioned and tried to prevent them from dreading

all she would have had to do was stoip paying for conditioner and it would dread right up

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6 years ago
47 posts

I'm glad you're on the right track now! Get that nasty wax out and enjoy your beautiful journey. Now your dreads can represent the power of googleing first! lol, Im just kidding. :D

Andrea Rosario
6 years ago
8 posts

Soaring Eagle is right, my hair was locking up on its own, but I couldnt keep it seperated all the way up. In retrospect, I should have just had it sectioned and backcombed or tnr'd. But, I was ignorant and eager. Now they are started the way they are started and I have to go from here because I refuse to take them out again. But Im confident that with the help of my new friends here on this site and with some patience, my dreads will be strong and beautiful as I always imagined they would be. My husband just told me we can afford the wax b gone, Im going to order it NOW. wish me luck.

Andrea Rosario
6 years ago
8 posts

ok, so I just ordered the wax b gone, oh how I wish they could just teleport it to me, I dont want to wait any longer to get this wax out of my poor dread babies.

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