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kendrick jordan
6 years ago
3 posts

been dreading for a little over a year i understand were you come from with the wholeinsecuritything iexperiencedthat alot when i started i alwayswantedthemcoveredand stuff but after having them for a while and seeing them on your head everyday youll learn to love them crazy or tamed,

updated by @kendrick-jordan: 07/23/15 04:12:20AM
Star Gryphon
6 years ago
190 posts

I was told that it will take 2-3 years for dreads formed using the natural/neglect method to actually look good. Until then just rock them out no matter what anyone else might think!

One thing I learned to help with loving yourself is to look at yourself in a mirror and have conversations with the different parts of yourself you might not like. An example would be to tell your hair that it might be crazy messy looking but you are thankful for it anyway. You thank your hair for keeping the sun off your scalp and leaving you sunburned. Thank your hair for helping keep your head warm when it's cold out. Because you sure would notice it wasn't there anymore if you cut it off and it's freezing temperatures outside. Finish by telling your hair that you might find it extremely ugly today but you know that with patience time will make them more and more beautiful. This love mantra has helped me accept myself for who I am even though there are parts of me that I don't see as perfect. Remind yourself it is ok.

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