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What does everyone do with the front?

The Hippie Circle
5 years ago
34 posts
I still haven't let the front of my hair start locking. A friend of mine keeps her bangs combed out because dreading it makes it hit her in the face constantly. I wear my hair down as often as possible but I think my dreads are going to be much lighter than hers so I may not have that problem. Pros and cons?
updated by @the-hippie-circle: 01/13/15 09:51:08PM
5 years ago
44 posts

I finally dreaded most of the front, and just cut little bitty short bangs. I kept burning them when I smoke, or they'd stick to my lips and eyeballs when I'm out skating, lol! Nightmare! So yeah, I cut em and dreaded the rest, MUCH easier to deal with! I also have a theory that a lot of people don't have front dreads because maybe that hair is always catching the oils from the face from being against it all the time? Maybe that's a reach, but it seems logical to me!

5 years ago
46 posts

For me it sucked the first month and a half. hair would get stuck in my facial hair, eylashes, and getting in my face was just annoying. now my bangs and most of my front hair has locked up near the root and i can flip em over my head or tie them back.

5 years ago
301 posts

i would just dread it because then its actually easier to keep out of your face. i take the dreads on my temples and front and center and flip them backwards to get rid of whatever part and the weight of them keeps it out of my face for the most part.

5 years ago
133 posts

After a while the front grows long enough that it won't hit in your face anymore :)

Laura Earle
5 years ago
233 posts

I actually still flatiron/style my bangs, and probably will for an indefinite period of time. It's just nice having a bit of hair that I can still mess around with, haha.

The Hippie Circle
5 years ago
34 posts
Thanks everyone! Thinking I will probably dread the front now. Or at least most of it. Guess it can always be changed. Time to do something with the sloppy I've got going on in front.
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