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Hello, Im trisha. I'm New to dreads

6 months ago
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I don't know anyone with dreads so I really need some reassurance from someone, anyone that's actually had them.

updated by @trish86: 10/19/16 02:20:26PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 months ago
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well you came to the right place

just sit back..relax..and let the dreading process take over

you don't have to do anything to encourage dreads.. just stop preventing them

you don't need to palm roll or twist and rip ..or do anything but wash (and separate if desired which is recommended  especially in the early stages

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6 months ago
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Seems like you have a head start already, as mentioned, just continue to wash and separate and that's basically it. Separating can get a bit of chore but really helpful if you don't want congos.

I don't know anyone with dreadlocks either but this community has helped me tremendously so you'll find a lot of help here. 

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