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Old timer

2 years ago
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Hi, I am considering growing dreads and need a bit of advice. I am 56 yo and will be making a tree change hopefully next year and trying to live a more natural lifestyle. I have had short hair all my life and only started growing it the last couple of years. I prefer the natural look but will probably help it along with some twist and rip. Do you think my hair is suitable for this style ? My hair is pretty messy when left to its own devices with lots of curly and wavy bits. It is also quite thick. When it starts to clump up, is it ok to tie it back as I still have to look reasonably neat for work and cant have hair falling over my face. Have attached a pic taken a few months ago to show you what I am talking about. I usually wash my hair and just pat it dry and then just leave it. Cheers - great forum

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
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well your job can't make you tie it back that's voluntary and will slow the process

so will patting it down

otherwise it will dread up nicely

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2 years ago
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Thanks, the nature of my work requires that I keep hair out of my face and eyes. I dont think my boss cares what I look like. Have decided to just go the neglect method and will follow the good advice on this forum

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