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Would my hair dread? If so what would it look like?

3 months ago
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Hey guys just found this site! I reaallyyy wanna dread my hair but im thinking my hair might be to fine and straight. Would it dread? And if so is there anybody that could show me what it might look like? 



☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 months ago
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all hair will dread some fine hair dreads extremely fast others pretty slow

what itwould look like is impossible to guess since they always turn out unique (provided you do it right)

and how they will look will change drasticly till they are mature

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3 months ago
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My hair is very fine and typically stick straight and mine is dreading great. I used the twist and rip method (3/4 fell out but are now all starting to form crazy little dread babies).  You can look at my photos on my profile but like se said you wil not really know what yours will look like, they all change so much, and can vary based on thickness and other factors.  

I say go for it if you want to.  If you end up not liking it you can always take them out. 

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