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greetings fellow dread lovers!!!

2 years ago
1 posts

hello fellow dreadheads! im a 17 yr od guy from calgary alberta whos just stumbled upon this site. ive been trying to free form my dreads for the past month and am so far loving the process! i ove the idea that all hair dreads naturally if just left to its own devices and for me, dreads have an "exactly how its ment to be" feeling. i have loads of questions though and i dont really have a "dread mentor" to ask about everything!! id love some feedback on how my progress is going compared to what other peoples dreads looked like at this time and id love to find someone who i can drill with all my questions whod be happy to answer all of them. even if some sound dumb. looking forward to hearing from some of the "seasoned pros" on hear and getting some feedback.


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
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well for a month that's not too bad of progress the shampoo you use though might  make a diference

there are no dumb questions only questions that have been asked a million time s already haha so go on list out all your questions and i'll answer them all (so will others)

(if you use the numbered list button to number the questions it will help..if there are indeed a lot of them)

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