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Loc Disaster! Gross sticky stuff inside my dreads

Alexandro Colon
4 years ago
3 posts
I know exactly what it is...mold...had and still have the same problemI tried a lot of different stuff but nothing seems to work. But this comes from not fully rinsing out your dreads when washing and living shampoo and water inside of their dry out completely before tying up your hair or anything of that sort - keep me posted on this
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4 years ago
23 posts

thank you all for the comments and sorry for my delayed anwser - I haven't been online much lately. Rachel yes, that's exactly my problem too.. :( clean from the outside but grotty inside.. unfortunately I live central Europe and I can't really afford anything at the moment and the shipping is too expensive from the US. But I have found Tea Tree Oil which I'm thinking of trying. I might try vinegar too. And I've got some natural argan oil shampoo too, SE, do you think that would be ok? I've never tried these before, how long should I leave the tea tree+vinegar mix on for, or shuold i rinse it out immediately?

I'll let you all know how it went x

Rachel NattyDee
4 years ago
74 posts
I've tried a very strong vinegar rinse, I've tried half a bottle of tea tree oil, I've tried clarifying shampoo... No improvement and my dreads smell like old people about 3 days after I wash.I'm surprised there's not been more replies and advice with this topic, I'm guessing it affects a lot of people with dreads
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
4 years ago
28,339 posts

teatree wont really help i dont think its anticeptifc but not likely to get out gunky buildup

could it be sebum?

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
Vivian Santos
4 years ago
1 posts

rachel nattydee don't give up. your curly hair timeline was such an inspiration for me! I have found that using water that has been filtered and not using sink water. I have only been with dreads for 5 months. So what do I know. But would like to bump the thread and ask more experienced ppl. I also have heard lavender helps the smell if it starts smelling. I currently use the acv method and I think I didn't rinse well and had whitesh gray build u the first time I washed my hair. btw congrats on the 4 year mark!

3 years ago
7 posts

there are all kinda gross stuff existing used in dreadlocks!

my second set:

I've went to a African hair salon and that way to dread up?

she took a hairstring, twisted it and smeared GLUE into the loc!!!

it was so ugly and it stayed ugly. My head was burning in the chemicals! I shaved off.

the ugliness

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