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Old vs young

Dan B
7 years ago
58 posts
I've often thought we live in an ever more tolerant society. And when I had long hair it was confirmed to me by the fact the younger people (under 50) loved my shoulder length hair and over 50s tended to describe me as a roughen or messy.But with dreads I've found my older encounters positive and complimentary. And most of my prejudice has been from 40s and under.Anyone else had similar experience? I think it's a sign of the worlds views when each generation was impressionable to such things. People who were young in late 60s are more tolerant of dreads than those born into the deep depression of the 70s etcMaybe rubbish just getting it out there. :-P
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Spider Feet
7 years ago
458 posts
Don't know. I get a lot of positive reaction, don't really notice the negative anymore unless it's blatant which hasn't happened for awhile. The worst I've gotten lately is someone thinking I'm more "Go With The Flow" than I really am. Assumptions based on what the person relates to the image of dreads.
momma has dreads
7 years ago
159 posts

YES YES...I work at a sporting store. I have had many older folks speak up with complements on my dreads. Also many younger folks too. It has all been good for me thus far. I am on the older side myself. I thanks them sincerely with all my heart and warmth. They leave with a smile and nice impression of a person with dreads.


7 years ago
74 posts

I sat next to an older woman on a plane a while back. After we talked for a while she told me she didn't have an issue with my dreads, she had a tenant with dreads once and he was the best tenant she ever had, tidy, polite, a great musician, quiet. She wanted me to know that not all older people disliked dreads, and that since that time she has tried her very very best not to judge anyone.

It was an odd conversation, but a really nice one.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,421 posts

i find its iq more then age that determines whos gonna have an issue

the dumber they are the more close minded they can be

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
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