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***ROADBLOCK*** Do not open if you dont enjoy token

8 years ago
108 posts
Well I thought this would be fun for the 420 crowd. Roadblock! Well if you've attended a Rainbow Gathering you probably know whats going to happen, if not, heres the deal. You'll be walking down a mountain or meadow trail and all of a sudden some folks in front of you will turn around and yell roadblock! everyone walking on this trail is stopped by this road block as everyone sits down. Now comes the fun part :) lots of J's or other smoking devices are passed around and everyone partakes.Now if your reading this and you have the ability to toke up right now, you should :) Even if you got to scrap that bowl ha ha... Well, right on, see ya guys down the trail. happy smiles happy smiles.....and PS, if you attend a gathering and dont smoke weed no worries, you can pass what ever is handed to you to another person.
updated by @earthstudios: 01/13/15 08:41:14PM
Dready Mawma
8 years ago
7 posts
Rainbow gatherings, typically, but you can start your own, anywhere :)
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,431 posts
not on main forums use the cannabis group or the new site sorry need to crack down on off topic stuff that belongs in groupsthe front page is now more off topic then dread related...clodsed

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
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