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introducing, photo albums

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 years ago
28,328 posts

on your profile you now see a new profile menu item photo albums

its empty till you add albums

adding albums is simple any photo in any gallery you like (note guests can create albums too wich will be added to your profile when you join!) you will find a new camera icon when you hover over the image in preview, or in full view it will appear above the image

simply click this button, create an album name or select from a already created album and that image will be added to the album

there is no limit to the numbder of photos in any album, or the numbder of albums you create

this is a great way to organize your favorite sitewide images into categories, or to create custom albums from your own galleries.

there are 2 menu items now added below the photo menu and only 1 album i just added so get to it start building your own

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