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Swimming Pools & Dreads

8 years ago
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We are planning a vacation and likely will be seeing some beach and even some pool.With natural sea water, I have no questions or concerns, but what about swimming in a pool with dreads?Anything I need to do to protect them? Will they hold that pool water smell? Will the chlorine hurt them? Do I put them up and not get them wet at all in the pool? Would I need to wash them in a special way to get the pool water out?
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8 years ago
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I got my dreads half wet in the hot tub and they smelled like chlorine pretty bad. It went away when i washed em though. I would rinse them out after you swim in chlorine so they dont smell like it so much. I dont think its harmful to them, at least not any more than with straight hair lol.
8 years ago
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Im a Lifeguard so i have to deal with chlorine on a daily..wearing a swimcap is best,if you dont have one or dont want to wear one, the chlorine wont really do too much damage. as long as you really rinse them out and dry them quickly when your done.might lighten em up a little.
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