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Thinking about getting dreads, but I have some questions...

5 years ago
2 posts

I've already done some research into getting dreads, etc, but I have some questions that haven't been answered.

  1. With fully mature dreads how long does it take you to dry your hair? (I know it depends on the length, maturity, and thickness of the dread, so I just mean generally.) - If/when I get dreads, I'd want them to be as thin if possible, preferably pencil width.
  2. How do you keep your hair dry in the bath/shower?
  3. How long does it take your dread to grow 1 inch? (I only ask as a reference, as non-dreaded hair takes roughly 2 months.)
  4. I'm a girl and I want to have longer dreads (no shorter than this (, though preferably shoulder length), so I was wondering what would be a good length to start dreading my hair?
  5. Do you need to do anything special to keep your dreads dry on rainy days?
  6. How do you keep your head and ears warm in winter without a hoodie or beanie?
  7. How long does it take dreads to become "acceptable" looking? (I don't mean mature, I just mean not ridiculously messy.)
  8. I have short, chemically straightened hair (the shortest part is about 4in)... I know straight hair isn't the best for dreads, but I was wondering, considering that my hair has been damaged (and is therefore rougher in texture, even though it's straight), would it be able to be dreaded, or should I just let my hair grow out (which I'm doing any way)?
  9. How long should I take to prep my hair, before getting it done?
  10. Which would you recommend as a better starter? Rip-and-twist or backcombing?
  11. How itchy does your scalp get?
  12. Do you get headaches? And if so, how bad?
  13. Lastly, how often do you get people staring at you or saying something nasty to you, or within hearing distance of you?

Sorry that there are so many questions, and some oddly specific ones, but I'm just trying to wrap my head around whether or not I really want dreads, or just the idea of them. Anyway, thanks! :D

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Casey Fay
5 years ago
90 posts

All great questions! Check out the toolbar above Hit DREADEDUCATION it will start you on the best way to begin. Then you can ask any questions they will be fully answered. I know how you feel. I started looking and read everything I could. Please do not make the same one I did. I skipped over this site because I wanted perfect dreads,Dreadhead Headquarters and KnottyBoy had such great videos! I even ordered DHHQ kit and was ready to go. I decided to look on this site on more time. Everything I needed to know was here. I sent the kit back and believed in all the support given to everyone. .My babies look great!! I feel like a family here. They have the most solid information, unbiased, not based on profit gains.I love it so much, this is the first site I am on in the morning. Good luck with your search! But I am sure afterviewing the world you will comejoin us here.

Tara C
5 years ago
645 posts
  1. Mine take 8-12 hours to dry, and mine are thick. For others, it only takes a few hours. So if they're thin, just a few hours.
  2. Shower cap!
  3. This I do not know.
  4. Well, the thing is, for a lot of people with long hair when they've started, they've experienced a LOT of shrinking. Like...losing half of their length. Mine shrunk to about...well, a bit longer than those in the picture, and they're now halfway down my back. Once they've done shrinking, they'll grow pretty quick, in my experience.
  5. Nope, don't worry about the rain getting your dreads wet.
  6. Well, you can wear a hoodie or a beanie lol I shove my dreads into my beanie, but a lot of people don't. And I wear a hood with no issues.
  7. That depends on if you've set your mind on forcing them to be neat or letting them dread their own way. It's different for everyone. My hair looks extremely messy and I'm over two years into it, but I have a lot of loose hair and my hair's always looked wild even when undreaded. It just depends, person-to-person.
  8. I read that damaged hair dreads quicker, so no, that won't be an issue at all.
  9. Prep it? What do you mean? I don't think you need to do anything beforehand.
  10. Twist and rip is less damaging. I backcombed mine and I have no issues with it, but it's not that important how you start off because they'll most likely loosen and fall apart quite a lot anyway, before they're able to start dreading.
  11. I have bad skin problems, so I am often itchy, but actually, since dreading and since using an excellent method of washing my dreads/scalp, my scalp is hardly ever itchy. It can be rather itchy in the beginning as your scalp adjusts, but tea tree oil can help a bit, I think.
  12. I never get headaches. The risk of headaches is really just if your dreads are very long (and thick), or if they're in an area that pulls on a sensitive part of your scalp. But it's not something to worry about.
  13. I've only had one negative experience so far, from a woman who just glared at me in a disgusted way. I found it funny, but that's the only time it's happened. It depends on what your area is like, though.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,419 posts

1 in summer sun not long winter long time

2 why would i keep it dry but i usualy shower when i wash mine

3 it still grows at the same rate undreaded hair grows although faster since u dont lose 1/2 the growth to trims

4 u do not want dreads like that they are crochetted and very damaged but u want at least twice the length although shrinkage can be tricky waste length hair can shrink past chin while shoulder length only lose an inch or 2

5 no why? i dont believe in umbrellas when it rains i hold my head high and rejoice ..and get wet :)

6 dreads i dojht even wear a coat or jacket i sometimes wear a sweatshirt if going out long but if not out long i wear a t shirt my dreads keep me warm

7 they always look acceptable to those that accept them to those that dont they never do

8 just let it dread all hair will dread straightening it wasnt a good idea but it will dread

9 dont get it done let it happen start today by throwing the comb aaway

10 natural if nit natural twist n rup but highly recomend natural

11 not too lil at times

12 nope but since mine drag on the ground i get a stiff neck but alsio already have neck issues from breaking my back so cant say its all the dreads

13 never well in 23 years maybe 5 times but i do get constant complimenys even ppl driving by yelling love your dreads out the window and when at the beach although lile 20 ppl came up admiring them a freind was walking boyt 20 feet behind me and said almost everyone who walked by was sayin wow did u see his amazing dreads so yea i get alot of posdsitie comments

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
5 years ago
2 posts

Thanks, this was really helpful! :)

5 years ago
79 posts
My are pencil width, some smaller- I whip my head back and forth (lol) about 10 times still in the shower and wrap in a towel like every girl knows how to do :) No headaches, itchy scalp twice for short period of time. No one states or really cares in my case. Lost more than half my length. Took 2 full years to notice lengthening. My hair is very straight and thin naturally. I have up on "methods" and just let them do their thing...START YOUR DREADS! I haven't regretted it for a second, although I used to stop by here to cry about my shrinkage lololol :)
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