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What do u do to reward ur self for dreading

hon.jah kassa
2 years ago
15 posts
Im not getting what id call a fight for growing dreads but i get ppls opinions and advisories about cutting hair/dreads . What do u guys do for rewarding ur self for not listenkng to things like this ???? I might excercise longer to look even better and eat even more healthier and include improving myself jn my job. Cheesy as it sounds but being the best is all that matters
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
28,322 posts

i don't do nothing

growing my dreads is its own reward...

although i do say i try to live a life worthy of my dreads, and always try to do the best i can do

but for me its more about doing for others then myself (not that what your doing for your self is anything less)

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