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Dreads holding energy by life events

Owl Lady
04/02/14 10:56:37AM
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I have heard people talk about the fact that dreads hold energy. Does anyone know of some spiritual cleansing techniques? I am asking this because this week I finished twisting and ripping my hair into dreads, I was going to go the natural path however I suffer from ptsd, and some other emotional issues and at this time my Veiled Chameleon Jade was very ill and dying. I brought her to the vet and was taking care of her trying to get her better..this was a highly stressful and emotional time for me. I needed to keep my self occupied so I just went off and finished my head. I hate to think that this is the anniversary of my dreads, the day I lost Jade. I have been taking it all pretty hard, I feel like I failed her and that at some point I must have done something wrong. It was an eye opener that these creatures should not be kept captive, and although she had a nice setup it was sad that something so beautiful could not roam freely among the trees and nature. I made a wrap in my hair and attached a jade charm that I have had since I was a child, I think it was my mother's. I am them going to order a silver chameleon charm to add to it. This dread will be in memory of Jade and I shall call it Jade. Like I said though I do not want to carry around this sadness so this discussion is to find ways of spiritually cleansing dreads, and/or your stories or beliefs on this subject. Thank you ~Owl Lady

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/02/14 12:08:20PM
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aww what a pretty creature well..sage smudges

ive seen ppl at gatherings absolutely overwhelmed by the energy on the 4th during the silence holding up a huge generator crystal and trembling eyes practicly rolled back in thier heads ..and a healer would walk by smudge them with sage and the trembling stopped they just sank down as if melting into a peacefil meditation

actualy the sage sweetgrass cedar shampoo from dreadlockshampoo was my idea for the same energy cleanse shampoo tho i cant guarantee tghe same efect as smidging

sage dispells negative energies sweeetgrass invites in possitive energies

sweat lodges are prepared with sage on the rocks 1st then sweetgrass then an offering of tobaco

this cleanses the lodge since sweats are very intence and you dont wanmt any negative energies pressent

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Owl Lady
04/02/14 12:12:34PM
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Thank you Soaring Eagle, I do have sage and sweet grass so I will do this.

Owl Lady
04/04/14 04:08:34PM
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Thank you, I believe in the Native American ways..I personally am not true native blood but I feel very connected to their ways. My boyfriend and I attend pow wows during the summer so I will research how to perform an ancestry ceremony and see if I can't get one of the elders to help assist me in doing this. Thank you very much for the suggestion.

Wind Horsley said:

Also, if it were me personally, i would remove the wrap for purificatiin and then rededicate it in a blessing and honoring ancestry ceremony. In our house, pets count as ancestor heritage.
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