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African Black Soap

Mama Harrison
7 years ago
117 posts
you can make liquid by adding water to the bar--much more cost effective and will save on shipping :) Also, I don't work it into a lather because as Mary mentions it would take all night {doesn't lather a ton since it isn't chemical based}. SO instead I just pour the liquid over my scalp and let it sit while I wash the rest of my body and the rince with water and then do an ACV rinse and then rinse with water again.
updated by @mama-harrison: 07/09/15 02:39:00PM
7 years ago
836 posts
I have used it a couple of times and was happy with the results. I would not recommend it for you. ABS is very conditioning. Too conditioning for baby neglect dreads.
Lou Lou
7 years ago
28 posts
Hey thanks for the replies! Considering what everyone has saidI think I will stick to Bi carb and Bronners until they are a bit more mature:)
2 years ago
34 posts

Hey lou-lou you still about on here? I'm in the uk too and have just started the neglect process, I'm also hunting around for a good uk based shampoo to use! you had any luck? bet if your still going you may have some good advice on uk stuff! give us a shout!

2 years ago
8 posts

I make African black soap shampoo for dreadlocks.... My etsy site is Knot It Goods. 

The only problem with ABS is the PH it's usually a 10 which isn't good for hair. Mine is a 6. 

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