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BS/ACV question

8 years ago
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I'm a month in, going natural, and already seeing mucho progress. I wash twice a week with 5cups of water w/ 5 tblspn of bs aswell as 5 cups of water w/ 5 tblspn of acv to rinse out the bs, but my question is, should I use the acv twice in one week? I've read on here that acv acts like a conditioner or something in that way. Should I continue washing twice a week but avoiding acv on one day and just wash with bs?
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
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acv is mildfly conditioning without slimy slipery residues u can use it all the time but weaker and shorter unless u need extrai would use it cause bs throws off the ph ballance acv brings it backoptimal is 5.5 i think so bs tosses it to the alkaline side acv being acidic brings it back towards nutralif u dont wanna use it u can alternate soap and bs/acv

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8 years ago
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thanks, have another question though:After I wash with the bs/acv, the following day I end up with dandruff and white residue in my hair. It's as if i never even washed my hair in the beginning. I've read that the bs should totally remove the dandruff and any other crap. I also read that you should experiment around by changing how much bs or acv and such. Here's my question, what do you guys think is the problem, I don't want to experiment cause I don't want to do anything stupid. Should I use more bs and less acv? or vise versa
Lisandre Tessier
8 years ago
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Dude, seriously, you just can't do anything stupid. It's baking soda, not napalm!But seriously, try increasing by a half tbs per cup each time you wash. You'll see what works best for you. :)I wish you luck, and many more good things!
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