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Dread beads

5 years ago
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Thank you very much, I'll check it out! :)

Jade Newman said:

Hi Steenvick, I've got a UK based dread beads store which might have what you're looking for. I do a range of plain wooden beads that have large holes that I could decorate for you, or you could decorate yourself? I've also got plastic beads with 5mm holes that are super colourful.

My website

If you can't see anything you're looking for, swing me an e-mail and I may be able to help you out!

updated by @steenvick: 07/22/15 07:30:04AM
5 years ago
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Do you remember those wooden bead car seat things? They strapped to the car seat and were supposed to massage you while you drove. If you can find one of those at a flea market, yard sale or 2nd hand will have hundreds of wooden beads that are the perfect size for dreads!!!!!!!!!

5 years ago
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Actually with the wooden bead seat cover things lol save urself the $$ and walk around in a junkyard looking in the cars. Best yrs to check IF ya can find them are 80s-mid 90s.
Laura Earle
5 years ago
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Junkyard owner: ...Anything I can help you with?

OP: Got any dread beads in any of these cars here?

Junkyard owner: ...


5 years ago
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Just like Barrellady says - you could even get the colour you like in polymer clay and make it into a ball then thread a pencil or even an object the thickness you would like the hole to be. You can push tiny beads into it or even bits of brocken egg shell or glitter etd the skys the limit, you could get 2 different colous of the clay and half mix so you get a marbled effect. Dreads beads r hard to get it seems. If you need direction in doing smthing like this i am happy to help with step by step directions. Its also alot of fun :)

updated by @sweet: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
jesse demato
5 years ago
24 posts
I've recently bought some beads cheap art hope that helps
5 years ago
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You are all so creative!!! I'm glad I read this thread. I love wood beads but everything I read or watch says they are bad for dreads. Have any of you had any problems with them getting wet and soaking into your dreads? I also found some $1 packs of beads at Wal Mart that were all different size holes.There are about 20 beads per pack

5 years ago
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any craft store, make your own beads (polymer, wood, whatever you can drill a hole into), or just use anything with a hole or that can be stringed on. get creative & unique ;)

5 years ago
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You can make it on your own.. You can use polymer clay and bake it.

The good thing on this clay is you can make the size of your own beads so it can fit on your dreads.

Laura Annalina
5 years ago
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