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Drea Nicole


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growing dreadlets

By: Drea Nicole
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My hair has not been brushed since september... and there are still a few chunks of hair resistant to dreading, nothing particularly identifiable as a dread on the top layer, however things underneath are locked and beautiful! It's exciting seeing them grow naturally. I love the feeling, I feel like dreadlocks help me express the uniqueness of my personality, and in a strange way give me hope and connection. To me they are my constant reminder that I am an earth child first and foremost. (even astrologically speaking! cap-virgo-cap!).. and to reflect that in my daily endeavors.

Right now I'm in my last semester of architecture school, working on a thesis project which inspires me everyday. I'm designing an urban rooftop market garden/ hostel/ community space... totally geeking out! It's location is in Fiztroy, a bohemian like cultural inner city suburb of Melbourne, Australia. organic art! graffiti! raw materials! and my beloved fruit, veggie, and herb plots! The next step is to work the form so that ample sunlight can penetrate the interior space, and the shaping of the rooftop terracing to maximize growing area and aesthetics. Yip! I'm excited about it... can you tell? haha

Anywho, so come may, hopefully these locks will have at least established some sort of identity so that during graduation i won't have what could be referred to simply as bedhead. ... but, eh, who really cares? it wouldn't be so bad I suppose. I'm used to stepping on the offbeats, and getting better at deflecting harsh judgments anyway.

so that wraps it up for my first dreadlockssite blog! Glad there is a whole website of people here that feel as great about dreadlocks as I do! love and light! *Drea

Drea Nicole
02/27/11 01:17:00AM @drea-nicole:
sounds awesome..!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/27/11 01:07:10AM @soaring-eagle:

we took over a whole crack hood and creatted the lots of love garden (a magical space) we bought nothing some tools we got frpm the horticultural society..urban gardening classes but the rest we builyt outta what we dug up gfrom the ground

an adobe oven

bricks and rocks to lone the beds

and paths

tired typewrites bikes broken dishes u name it we used it (they colapsed buildings into the basements then covered in soil so was plenty there to build with)

u can recycle alot and not need to byuy much at all

Drea Nicole
02/27/11 01:00:34AM @drea-nicole:
thanks soaringeagle! Yes, I've been looking into a vertical gardening a bit, and there are definitely some neat ideas out there! have you checked out vertical hydroponic gardening before? or window farming? I like your pallet idea for maximizing growing space... i'm looking to start an herb garden at my house and i would like to use found objects rather than buying a whole bunch of new materials for the design. I'll def have to do a lot of experimenting, but, hey, that's the best way to learn, right? :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/26/11 12:48:34PM @soaring-eagle:
great 1st blog cant wait to see your dreads and growing dreadlocks fits your amazing personality that sounds awesome what your doing :) have u ever concidered verticle farming techniques i experimented with that to maximise space built like a structure out of palets 2 palets standing up against eachother fill the space between them with soil and plant in the spaces between the wood slats so we got like 8 foot of growing space outta 2x4 ground space workes especialy well for creeper type squashes and stuff that normaly would spread out all over the ground but ya might wanna experiment in your personal garden

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