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Well, I did it! I got rid of ALL that nasty ass "dread" wax from DreadHeadHQ! Unfortunately after several attempts to remove it I got fed up with it and cut my candles off! I didn't shave my head but cut each one off individually and I now have about 1-2 inches of hair. This time I'm going all natural with NO was, NO comb, NO NOTHING from DreadHeadHQ or Knotty Boy! I will take and post a picture of my hair now and will every now and then to follow my NATURAL progress!

I disected a few of them and man was it nasty! It was so bad I thought I was gonna throw up! And no, I'm not taking pictures of them! They are already out in the garbage! DreadHeadHQs' website said that their wax would not dry inside your dreads. BULLSHIT! I found clumps all thru several of them that was dried! After I cut them off, I did a thorough wash with Sauve and conditioner so I could pull apart the little bit that was left of the dreads that were close to my scalp and then washed again with Bronners and then sprayed with a sea salt mist to try to get on the ball! The past year was a total waste but now starting over the healthier way!

Hope I'm placing this in the right catagory!?!

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My dreads are 1 yr old

By Doogie, 2011-10-20

Well, my backcombed dreads made it a yr and still look shitty! Maybe it's because they were backcombed and waxed!? :-( Anywho, I used some lemon oil, orange oil and Dawn dish soap but still think it's still in there! Been just letting them do their thing but they seem to be twisting not dreading at my roots. Maybe they'll start looking better in another yr!?!

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Bad dandruff and flat roots

By Doogie, 2011-07-24
Ok, I'm 9 months in from backcombing and 5mths since just letting them go. I do the BS and ACV rinse and still have a really bad case of dandruff and flakey scalp. I have been adjusting how much BS and salt I mix in my wash with no effect. How can I resolve this?Also, I haven't really noticed much change with my dreads. I know it takes a long time but ya'd think I'd see some improvment!Some of my dreads, well a lot of them still have flat roots. Some didn't like the sections so I separated them. I'd post some pix but pix actually make the look better than in person. Really starting to consider on shaving them off and start over natural!
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Uneven pulling

By Doogie, 2011-03-28
OK, so today I noticed some uneven pulling at my roots. Should I be concerned about this or just let it be?
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Ok I'm still having some trouble removing all that nasty wax from DHHQ! Most of my dreads have softened up a bit but still have some that are almost as hard as a rock. I have been using Lemon oil in my BS mixture along with tea tree oil and Rosemary and also in the ACV rinse. Been doing this for close to a month now! Was wondering if I would soak my dreads in a bowl in undiluted ACV with a good bit of Lemon oil in it for awhile if that would help speed up the process?
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